An Introduction

I've gone through a lot of phases in the past 25 years...I mean a lot. And had dozens of career plans from writer and artist... model and National Geographic photographer... psychologist and high school English teacher. At one point, I decided I'd live out most of my dreams as a full-time English teacher, part-time psychologist, and weekend photographer (with, hopefully, best-selling prints and books, of course!).

At this point, I've only narrowed my main goal to earning a masters in English or psychology, of which one, I'm unsure. In the meantime, though, I plan to float through life cooking the most amazing food my hands (and pockets) can manage, photographing every moment as if they were equally memorable and important, all the while documenting it in this blog.

I only hope that my food (and photography) can bring as much joy to your lives as it does mine!

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